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by keithclancy
Fri Nov 27, 2009 9:41 am
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Topic: Goede 20Mb ADSL provider ?
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You can use:

Stick in your Postcode and it will give you all the possible providers.

It also gives a review and comparisons of features i.e. ansluit kosten.

by keithclancy
Mon Oct 20, 2008 9:44 am
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Outgoing working fine/ Incoming call issues
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Outgoing working fine/ Incoming call issues

Hi, I'm having an unusual problem that i can't quite pin down, Basically i have Justvoip for outgoing and blueface for incoming at the moment, i'm hoping to do some routing based on area codes etc in the future but we'll forget that for now. So, i have outgoing calls working fine, but incoming calls...