SIPGATE going out of biz ...

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Re: SIPGATE going out of biz ...

Post by rnio » Thu Oct 31, 2013 12:09 am


It took a while but I am close to the finish line :)

Here is what I had:

Incoming DID with SIPGATE
A virtual PBX with RINGCENTRAL (and some DIDs)
LOCAPHONE as my dial-out carrier of choice.

Here is what I did:

KEEP OLD NUMBERS ==> MOVE our incoming DIDs to GOOGLE:

Since SIPGATE is closing shop this month (October 2013), I had to find a new place for incoming DIDs.

At the same time we wanted to get rid of RINGCENTRAL as well.

==> Problem where to "PARK" our permanent incoming DIDs. We did not want to give up the numbers we have ... too much trouble telling everyone the new number.

So we decided to TRANSFER the numbers to GOOGLE voice.

You can TRANSFER only MOBILE numbers to Google-Voice, however some of our numbers have been hosted as a "LAND-LINE". So we need to transfer them to T-MOBILE first ... then from there to GOOGLE.

We got a SIM-STARTER-KIT from T-Mobile for just $1 each, this we used to port the numbers from RINGCENTRAL to t-mobile. One of the challenges we had with the port-out was that the RECORD INFORMATION for our numbers @ (Level3 / L3 is hosting the RingCentral numbers) was not what we had with RingCentral. You can tell the T-Mobile rep to REQUEST a CUSTOMER-SERVICE-RECORD for your number and they can then use this information to properly fill out the port-out request ... enabling the transfer of the number to T-Mobile.

Once the numbers made it over to T-Mobile it tookj just 24h to get them to Google.

Now we had OUR NUMBERs saved and brought over to Google.

The benefit of Google-Voice for us is a nice voicemail and easy way to redirect incoming calls.


THE NEED FOR A SOLID 911 SERVICE (# match to Address) DIAL-OUT:

We chose CALLCENTRIC for the 911 service. You just setup a VOIP-account for EACH of the locations you need the service for. Its free, except the mandatory 911 charge ($1.50).

In SIPSORCERY Dial-Plan you just make sure all calls to 911 are forwarded to your specific CALLCENTRIC account.



When you sign up for an account with LOCALPHONE you need to REGISTER your phone numbers as numbers you own ... they do this by having you receive a call and confirm with a two digit code.

Once you have verified the ownership of the numbers you can set them in the INTERNET-PHONE menu as your outgoing CALLER-ID.

ATTENTION: do this BEFORE you try to transfer your numbers to Google ... BECAUSE if the numbers are @ google ... you can NOT use them to dial out (at least I did not know how to do it ... kepping my google number as the call-out Caller-id)



Because I can NOT forward my calls from Google-Voice to sipsorcery DIRECTLY, We got a FREE DID from CALLLCENTRIC and use this to route the incoming call to SIPSORCERY ... and then to our registered DEVICE>


We are now in the process to develop the PBX portion of our solution using TROPO and Sipsorcery.


We have registered our DEVICE with Sipsorcery for all incoming and outgoing calls.


We use Localphone for our outgoing calls, we have configured Localphone to use our phone-number from Google-Voice (incoming numbers) as our outgoing Caller-ID.

911: In the Dial-Out-Plan @ Sipsorcery we forward all calls to 911 to Callcentric, where we have the location address registered.


Calls first "land" at Google Voice, then get forwarded to Callcentric and from there directly to Sipsorcery ... to our DEVICE.

All voice mails are transcribed and emailed to us.


We parked our numbers @ Google, as we think this is the most flexible place to keep them ... we can forward the incoming calls to any place ... very easy to setup and maintain.


I hope this helps someone to avoid some of the trouble we had ...


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