SIPSORCERY with mobile softphone setup help

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Re: SIPSORCERY with mobile softphone setup help

Post by mail2rst » Fri May 12, 2017 4:43 pm

Hello Aaron & Other experts,

This is for my general request with my limited knowledge. I just write this in Sipsorcery forum because I know there are a lot of VOIP expert here.

I just surfing and found “Signal Private Messenger” app on play store, it has very powerful background like Sipsorcery . Both are the creation/implementation of two different ideas & performing best in there working fields. As Sipsorcery &
“Signal Private Messenger(Open Whisper Systems)” both are open source projects. Both works with programmable API’s. my question, can we able to mix both these perfect services with each other? The bottom end result I want sip sorcery one sip leg forwarding call to “Signal Private Messenger”.

The charm of using Signal private Messenger on mobile data plan is,
• push notification for phone wake up. So no need to run any app.
• It uses Opus codec. Better sound, sipsorcery not interfering with any codec & pass through all codec data without any problem
• encrypted peer to peer user calls

is there any way or trick we can utilize to convert Sipsocery forward call to “SIGNAL private Messenger” ?


we are able to configure SIGNAL private messenger as a trunk in Sipsorcery VOIP PBX.

If this thing is possible then mobile voip telephony beneficial of both these perfect services.

also there "Twilio Client Android SDK " is it use full in these situations ... oid-client

It is high level question then my knowledge. I thought it & write it here. Thanks in advance,

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