Using csipsimple as primarily dialer

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Using csipsimple as primarily dialer

Post by mail2rst » Wed Feb 08, 2017 6:47 pm

Today I noticed one problem with using csipsimple as primarily dialer with sipsorcery account in wifi, so I thought its worth to share with everybody so that collectively we are able to find solution for that. I know this problem not arise due to sipsorcery but there are a lot of expert here so I put this problem in sipsorcery forum.

Background: LG G4 with latest marshmallow android with csipsimple, google hangout & WhatsApp as main communication apps.
Problem: if second app ringing at the time of first app active then phone goes to temporary silent mode & not able to recover by itself.
Call your whatsapp with any other WhatsApp user & make your phone busy then call your csipsimple phone number. The incoming call shown on screen but phone not ringing. Then disconnect WhatsApp & csipsimple. Call csipsimple number the csipsimple will be in silent mode incoming call come on display on screen but not ringing. This thing remain till you are not kill or re-login csipsimple app by switching Wi-Fi or data on-off.
Possible reason: android not able to recover from silent mode if same priority apps ring same time.
Possible solution (not confirmed): android setting >> sounds>>app notification >> csipsimple>> change normal to priority

If some body know better solution for this, please share as Possibly everybody effected with this trouble with same setup as me. In normal life/normal call/android dialer having ability to kill all application while phone rings (whats app/ csipsimple). I want to duplicate that scenario in my situation. Csip simple kill every other active application.
Thanks in advance

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