difficulty dialing out through one of my providers

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difficulty dialing out through one of my providers

Post by bioflowtanks » Tue Feb 09, 2010 11:45 am

I am having difficulty dialing out through one of my providers, when I dial a number starting with 0048 they receive it as +0048 and the call doesn’t connect. I changed the dialing plan to, when /^+48/ then sys.Dial("freeconet" and it seemed to work for a while but I am not sure because later I notice it was calling through the Blueface account.

My dialing plan
when /^00447/ then sys.Dial("Voiptalk")
when /^0044/ then sys.Dial("Blueface")
when /^0048/ then sys.Dial("freeconet")
else sys.Dial("Blueface")

DialPlan 15:35:34:187: Using dialplan Out for Out call to sip:0048222660660@sip.sipsorcery.com.
NewCall 15:35:34:234: Executing script dial plan for call to sip:0048222660660@sip.sipsorcery.com.
DialPlan 15:35:34:296: *****************************************************
DialPlan 15:35:34:296: *****************************************************
DialPlan 15:35:34:296: Received-URI:0048222660660 URI-Length:13
DialPlan 15:35:34:296: URI-Host:sip.sipsorcery.com
DialPlan 15:35:34:312: From: Use name Name: Use name
DialPlan 15:35:34:312: Incoming-Call:False Outgoing-Call:True
DialPlan 15:35:34:343: ATA-Online:True
DialPlan 15:35:34:343: Commencing Dial with: freeconet.
DialPlan 15:35:34:343: Attempting to locate a provider for call leg: sip:0048222660660@freeconet.
DialPlan 15:35:34:343: ForkCall commencing call leg to sip:0048222660660@sip.freeconet.pl.
DialPlan 15:35:34:343: Switching to sip:0048222660660@sip.freeconet.pl:5060 via udp:
DialPlan 15:35:34:343: SDP on UAC call had public IP not mangled, RTP socket
DialPlan 15:35:34:484: Response 407 Proxy Authentication Required for sip:0048222660660@sip.freeconet.pl.
DialPlan 15:35:34:640: Information response 100 Giving a try for sip:0048222660660@sip.freeconet.pl.
DialPlan 15:35:34:765: Information response 183 Session Progress for sip:0048222660660@sip.freeconet.pl.
DialPlan 15:35:34:765: UAS call progressing with SessionProgress.
DialPlan 15:35:43:406: Cancelling call for sip:0048222660660@sip.sipsorcery.com.
DialPlan 15:35:43:406: Client call cancelled halting dial plan.
DialPlan 15:35:43:406: Dialplan call was terminated by client side due to ClientCancelled.
DialPlan 15:35:43:406: Cancelling all call legs for ForkCall app.
DialPlan 15:35:43:406: Cancelling forwarded call leg, sending CANCEL to sip:0048222660660@sip.freeconet.pl.
DialPlan 15:35:43:406: Dial command was halted by cancellation of client call after 9.06s.
DialPlan 15:35:43:546: Response 487 Request Terminated for sip:0048222660660@sip.freeconet.pl.
DialPlan 15:35:43:843: Dial plan execution completed with normal clearing

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Post by Aaron » Tue Feb 09, 2010 12:04 pm

The sipsorcery software won't add a + to the front of a number unless it's told to via a dialplan command. I suspect what's happening is that somehow your phone is dialing using +0048 perhaps when you're returning a call based on a call record in the phone's memory.

You can accommodate the phone putting a + in front of the number in your dialplan by using:

when /^\+0048/ then sys.Dial("#{req.URI.User[1..-1]}@freeconet")



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Post by bioflowtanks » Tue Feb 09, 2010 3:53 pm

Thanks Aaron,

But that didn’t work for me yet. I am dialing the numbers with a phone connect to Linksys Router which is registered to Sipsorcery. I tried some changes in the dialing plan (but don’t really know what I am doing) and have emailed FreecoNet to see what happened there end. I will contact you again when they reply.



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