SVN 57437

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SVN 57437

Post by Nebukadnezar » Thu Oct 21, 2010 12:24 pm

I manually merged the latest SVN (57437) onto my test server, but it cannot be build. A field is added to the sipaccounts table (DontMangleEnabled) (I altered the table to contain that field) and referenced in the updated SIPRegistrarBindingsManager.cs but not in SIPRegistrarBindings.cs. In addition, the field is not present in SipAccount.cs etc. and the GUI.

I added the field to SipAccount.cs

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        private bool m_DontMangleEnabled = true;
        [Column(Name = "DontMangleEnabled", DbType = "bit", CanBeNull = false, UpdateCheck = UpdateCheck.Never)]
        public bool DontMangleEnabled
            get { return m_DontMangleEnabled; }
                m_DontMangleEnabled = value;
and SIPRegistrarBindings.cs:

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public void RefreshBinding(int expiry, SIPEndPoint remoteSIPEndPoint, SIPEndPoint proxySIPEndPoint, SIPEndPoint registrarSIPEndPoint, bool DontMangleEnabled)
and that got my test server running again.

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Re: SVN 57437

Post by Aaron » Thu Oct 21, 2010 9:53 pm

Thanks for highlighting that.

I did have my main PC fail a while ago and since then have been having a few issues with the software I use to automatically back up my source code. The backup software has been responsible for some of my source code getting otu of sync which is ironic given that's what it was suppossed to solve.

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