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Post by seer_tenedos » Tue May 27, 2008 12:13 am

Is there any chance of changing the SIPDialPlan class so that when you extend it you can override its methods or making the dialplan an interface so people can implement their own without changing code everywhere?

For the min I am just changing the SIPDialPlan methods to virtual but it would be great if i did nto need to do this as I am trying to keep your code untouched if at all possible so that i can always get the latest version without making changes everywhere.

It would be great to see more of your code been extendable so that more enhancements could be made without needing to change the implementation you guys have written.

You have done a great job and this is the best sipswitch code in dotnet i have seen. I have really been enjoying playing with it and so far the only downside I have found has been how hard it is to extend without changing core code. I few virtual methods here and there would be perfect or even the odd interface for classes people would most likely want to replace with their own implementation.



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Post by Aaron » Tue May 27, 2008 10:31 am

Hi Chris,

SkeletonApp.cs in the BlueFace.VoIP.SIPServerCores assembly is the framework you can use to add your own dialplan command.

To get the sipswitch to initiate the command take a look at the DialPlan.ProcessDialPlanRequest method. By adding the name of your command into it the data associated will be passed over and then it's up to your new app.

Any q's feel free.



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