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Codeplex & GIT Repo

Post by skrusty » Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:41 am

Hi Aaron,
After a week of playing with the source to SipSorcery I would like to be able to make some contributions back for additional bits I am thinking of adding to this project for my own use. I think the changes will serve well anyone else who is looking to use it, and in general.

Have you ever considered asking codeplex to migrate the current TFS Source Control repo to git to allow forks and push requests?

Want to say thank you for your excellent work on this project, it's really quite amazing. After playing a bit with other SIP related products like OpenSIPs, i think this has a lot of potential.



Oh, also, i joined #sipsorcery on freenode, i'll hang about in there if you want a chat off-board :)

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