New features you'd like see on SIP Sorcery
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Post by gielchina » Sun Oct 27, 2013 6:23 am

I want to get the feature of calls recording, means whatever useres talking on phone can be recordred in mp3 or any voice format so that can be later evaluate or checked.

Can we get this in sipsorery anyways

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Post by Aaron » Sun Oct 27, 2013 10:42 am

The sipsorcery server does not process call media and is therefore not capable of doing features such as call recording, IVRs etc. You can combine sipsorcery with a 3rd party application service provider such as or to provide those sort of features.

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Post by Flip » Mon Jun 06, 2016 2:09 pm

If making an outbound call:
1. register your mobile (or desired number) -OR- set your Caller ID to private with your VSP.
2. make/receive calls via Bria Pro or other Softphone that supports call recording (Still use Bria Pro v2.4.3 as v3+ only permits one install!)
Plus optionally enable call forwarding to your VSPs DID so you can record inbound calls.
or root your mobile phone and install ACR Call Recorder for Android and xyz for Apple, to handle inbound call recording.

So far I have found dozens of suitable paid $$$, $$, $ per month solutions for call recording, and only ONE solution that is "Free-mium".
- (Production and above plans);
- (All plans. See /features.asp about both web-based + standard recording);
- .... excluded 4 others as unaffordable (above $25/month or $ per call).

Anveo free plan allows only 15MB which is ~50+mins of recording space (however, their paid plans do "slightly" increase in storage (considering storage is so cheap these days, I'm surprised they're so tight on space!) so you can get a few hours of calls).

Tropo will require a lot of time setting up and programming your recording solution... :x :( It is owned by Cisco so should be fairly well supported. Tropo is very similar with solutions such as Twillio which very few will find easy. Hard-core / Die-hard option!

Alternatives? Free or Cheap?? Ideas anyone?

So I would be interested to see if you could create one leg (for call recording) and join it with the destination leg so that you don't have to switch VSPs... Some sort of prefix - like "999*__Destination_No.__", i.e. "999*0288776655" for example.
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