Codec Handling (allow, disallow) for sys.Dial sys.Callback

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Codec Handling (allow, disallow) for sys.Dial sys.Callback

Post by wilbert » Wed Feb 05, 2014 1:36 pm

Have 2 problems today that I'm not able to solve. Both are related with codec handling.

First, need to make sure which is the codecs priority to being selected in a call looking for the best quality possible. And, the other problem I have is that need to remove some Codecs too but depending on the Trunk/Provider/Destination and not only for a traditional sys.Dial but for sys.Callback too.

So, it shouldn't be great to have this already implemented? I'd like to do something sys.Dial("Provider1", "allow=G722, G711, disallow=G729" ) and the same for sys.Callback.

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