Richer access to Google Contacts & Calendar

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Richer access to Google Contacts & Calendar

Post by PaulC » Mon Nov 10, 2014 4:30 am

As background, I'm planning to implement some intelligence for routing inbound calls. such as:
  • If the call originated from one of my Google Contacts, use the group(s) that the contact is a member of to determine how to handle the call - blacklist, VIP, family, my direct reports, spouse's friends, etc.
  • Check Google Calendar to determine if the person being called is in a meeting (and whether s/he organized it, it's internal only, or includes external participants, etc.)
  • Maintain a 'dynamic group' of the people I'll be meeting with today, and boost the likelihood that their calls will be put through.
To do this, I'd need to be able to do more with contacts than the sys.GoogleContactsLookup API currently supports. I'd also like to access Google Calendar in a similar fashion.

I'd also like to be able to modify Google Contact records to keep CRM-type information (e.g. keeping a call log of inbound & outbound calls, per contact).

I'm currently planning to write some code behind an HTTP server to handle this, and use sys.WebGet to tap into that. Should work just fine, but does add some extra points of failure (and effort to write :) )

I'm not sure if this is a little much to expect to do in a dialplan, but I thought I'd post this as some use cases that could be useful to enable for the community.

Thanks for providing such a valuable service,

- Paul

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Re: Richer access to Google Contacts & Calendar

Post by Aaron » Wed Nov 12, 2014 9:55 am

If you are able to provide a list of the Google Contacts and Calendar API methods that you'd like to use I can certainly take a look. Ideally put the most sought after ones at the top of the list so they can be looked at first.

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