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SIPSorcery with Alcatel SIP Trunk

Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 12:57 pm
by Daniel95
Dear SIP Sorcery-Community,

I tested some functions of your SIP Softphone but I am not sure if I can achieve my following goals.

I would like to make a device, that runs on a server which is connected to an Alcatel telephone system (4400,...) via a SIP Trunk.
I think this means that I am not able to set SIP Username and password in SIP Sorcery, since I do not have a SIP Account, only a SIP Trunk.
This device should be able to handle some incoming and outgoing calls at the same time (I would say up to 30), play some audio files, record some audio files,....

In the past I used XCAPI to make SIP calls with my old CAPI device, but I would like to go one step deeper to make SIP calls directly with SIP Sorcery.

Does SIP Sorcery support these functions? And if yes, are there any useful examples?

Thank you!