GV ISSUE: SS can't access GV account --**SOLVED!!!**--

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Re: GV ISSUE: SS can't access GV account --**SOLVED!!!**--

Post by vdot » Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:14 pm

user11 wrote: Go back a couple of posts, I linked to the solution you need.
@user11 - THANKS so much for the reply. I *did* see your post, but based on the preceding
messages that you had responded to, I incorrectly assumed it only applied to people who were
having trouble logging *themselves* into their Google account (thus needing to clear Captcha).
Until I clicked on your link, I didn't realize it resets logins for APPs that are failing to login, too.

This is a great link to bookmark. I searched all over within Google, and posted a question in
the GMail forum without any luck.

THANKS MUCHO! It worked marvelously, and I'm now again able to make outbound calls. :)

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Re: GV ISSUE: SS can't access GV account --**SOLVED!!!**--

Post by sipsorjoef » Thu Jan 10, 2013 10:24 pm

Had this problem and solved it by going over to google voice and
changing my password to what it was already (funny it didn't say I couldn't)

Background: had a situation where I changed my GV password and then forgot to go over to SS
and change it in the dialplan. After too many attempts to make a phone call SS probably got locked out
of GV even though I could log in from home. (And forgot the problem I orginally created.)

Round and round trying stuff I finally changed my recovery email setup and it sent me this in an email:

If you are having problems accessing your account, begin the account
recovery process by clicking this link:
https://accounts.google.com/RecoverAcco ... @gmail.com

Used this link to change my password BUT used the same password it already had.

Immediately after doing this I tried a SS-GV phone call and it started working again. SIGH!
hope this helps.
Joe F

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