Session Border Controller Service in SS

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Session Border Controller Service in SS

Post by wilbert » Tue Jan 21, 2014 7:18 pm


I think the only problem I find today with SS is the sys.Callback service. I understand how difficult it is to bridge 2 calls going to very different destinations/operators/service/etc. But, I've been told that this could be solve implementing an Session Border Controller. If this is the case, why not to implement it? Certainly, it's a service I'm willing to pay for.


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Re: Session Border Controller Service in SS

Post by Aaron » Thu Jan 23, 2014 10:30 am

You'll normally find Session Border Controllers are touted by whoever is selling them as some sort of magic product that can solve all sorts of problems whereas most of the time they will create as many or more problems than they solve.

What would help with audio issues is a media proxy hosted on sipsorcery. However there are two two big problems with that approach.

The first is that a media proxy means all calls would then transit through the proxy with the potential to introduce significant latency. For example in my case where I place a call that originates and terminates in Australia I don't even notice that the SIP traffic goes through the US but if the audio went on the same path all my calls would have a big delay and suffer annoying speak over effect.

The second problem is cost. Hosting a media proxy would mean 10 to 100 times more CPU and bandwidth resources would be required to run the sipsorcery service and I'm pretty sure most customers aren't interested in paying $350/year.

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